Australia – The New Land of Opportunity

Australia is facing a workers’ shortage and is looking for skilled people to fill these positions. The Australian government established a Skilled Workers Visa program for immigrants to legally live and work in the country without family or employment sponsorship. Individuals who are under the age of 49 have qualifying English language skills along with a profession needed in Australia can qualify for the program.

AUSFIS Commitment

Many people do not receive a visa within the Australian General Skilled Worker Visa programs for failure to get past the first official hurdle - the mandatory skills assessment stage. These visas are determined by a points system. Our commitment to clients is informing them what they can expect before officially applying for the program. AUSFIS saves you time, money and helps you get it right the first time when considering the skilled visa program.

AUSFIS Evaluation Service

The Australian General Skilled Migration program is determined according to the profession/occupation of the Applicant which must be recognized by the Australian Government for the purposes of immigration as well as a points-based system. Currently there are approx. 200 occupations recognized for the purposes of immigrating to Australia.

AUSFIS has created a unique professional assessment service to advise its clients about what type of visa they should apply for within the Australian skilled migration program, the number of points they could expect to receive, the procedure for submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI), the required professional assessment and English language test and other aspects that are integral to the immigration process.

On July 1, 2012, the Australian Government implemented significant changes to its immigration program that streamlines the skilled migration process and allows for improved facilitation of General Skilled migration applications.

The current procedure now begins with the filing of an Expression of Interest (EOI) with the Australian Government.

What is involved in AUSFIS’ evaluation service?

In order to determine your personal points our legal team:

  • Reviews your CV
  • Educational eligibility requirements
  • English language level
  • Career experience
  • The value of points from a spouse
  • Match passing criteria from:
  • 2 occupational lists
  • 6 State Lists
  • 2 Territory Lists
  • 36 Assessing Authorities

While points are not given for a profession anymore; however, listing the correct job skill is crucial in the eligibility process for the Australia General Skilled Worker Visa program. Our service helps you know if your career can be nominated for the visa

How can I know if I am eligible to participate in the visa program?

AUSFIS has created a short pre-assessment review to find out if you are eligible for our evaluation service.

Why use the AUSFIS service?

Many people do not receive a visa for failure to get past the first official hurdle - the mandatory skills assessment stage. Due to people's misunderstanding of the process and what is needed this is can be a very costly mistake! Government forms cost money.

Do not begin the official process for the Australian General Skilled Worker Visa without knowing if you are indeed eligible for the program in the first place and what profession to nominate. Below, are most common errors people make in disqualifying their application:

  • Not being aware of pass/fail criteria.
  • Nominating the wrong skill or not knowing the criteria for the nominated skill.
  • Not providing the sufficient or correct documentation needed to receive a positive skills assessment.
  • Not understanding what the assessing authorities and Department of Immigration and Citizenship are looking for.
  • Not giving the required information.
  • Ineligibility because of improper education, English language skills or work experience.

Don’t you have something better to do than to read through 2000 pages of information about the different types of Australian skilled workers visas, along with a 44 page instruction manual to fill out an application properly? Allow our experts to save you the time and advise you which type of visa and classification to apply for.

What are the benefits of receiving a visa via the General Skilled Worker Visa program?

The grass is greener in Australia. If you are planning to make a move outside your home country, Australia should be on the top of your list as a place to make your dreams a reality. Besides legally living and working in Australia, a Australian General Skilled Visa has other benefits,
such as:

  • Bringing all dependent family members with you
  • Receiving healthcare
  • Using the public education system
  • Applying for citizenship after 4 years!